Helen James


Nutriri.org is on a mission to end body stigma and disordered eating.  Learning how to be in business and do this has been quite the adventure.  We facilitate weekly meet ups, workshops and 1 to 1’s - coaching body confidence and mindful eating.

We knew we wanted to make our social enterprise status ‘official’ but didn’t really have the confidence to make a start.

Using the Purposely platform really helped coach us through the process of determining which articles to adopt.  When we first found getpurpose.ly, we didn’t fully understand the social investment landscape either; quite naively believing that maybe we could do all we needed through sales and grant funding. 

So the help from the platform let us see the possibilities available, whilst remaining ‘attractive’ to grant and investment funders alike.  Not rushing to become a CIC or CIO and keeping our options open during our rapid growth phase, yet still locking in our mission, asset and profit reinvesting intentions.

We found the platform bought clarity to areas that were previously ambiguous to us.  The simple diagnostic questions, which we answered over and over in differing ways until we were satisfied, lead to the downloadable documents being sent off to companies house with ease.  We tell others about the platform all the time.

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